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Young Shin Granite 185

The Young Shin Granite 185 is made for diecutting applications within both the folding carton and corrugated industries.  This flatbed diecutter features an integrated top-feeding, fully-automatic, non-stop feeder. One of the most recognized benefits of the Young Shin Granite 185 is that it significantly reduces make-ready time through its sophisticated and computerized features providing approximately 15-20 minutes of time savings per job.  The Young Shin Granite 185:

  • Runs single and double wall board corrugated
  • Solid substrates such as micro flute, litho label and single-face laminated board
  • Foam core, plastic corrugated and paperboard down to 8 point.
  • Features an automatic grip of up to a maximum sheet thickness of approximately 9 mm.
  • Runs 5,500 sheets per hour.
  • Can accommodate a maximum sheet size of 1850 x 1300 mm.
  • Triple action stripping – male, female and pin stripping capabilities.
  • Bobst-compatible cutting dies.
  • Incorporates globally-sourced electronic components from industry-recognized manufacturers including Rockwell Automation, SEW Eurodrives, Becker Pumps, Telemecanique, Siemens and Omron Electronics, among others.

Additionally, the diecutter’s eWon digital interface provides immediate data to production as well as supports local and remote service diagnostics.

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Maximum Sheet Size 1850 x 1300 mm
Minimum Sheet Size 600 x 500 mm
Power 380V, 60Hz, 3-Phase
Main Power 37.5Kw
Full Load Power 60Kw
Processed Materials Corrugated Board: 1.5 mm to 9 mm
(F, E, B, EB, BC and AB Flute)Folding Carton: 200 ~ 2000 GSM
Gripper Margin 9 mm – 17 mm
Height of Cutting Rules 23.8 mm
Maximum Die Cutting Pressure 500 tons
Maximum Mechanical Speed 5,500 SPH
Feeder View


Blowing devices separate sheets moved by the motor. Automatic Sheet Arraying system according to sheet size.

E-Z Feeder Electrical Box


The Feeder Head can be adjusted back and forth automatically by the motor.

E-Z Feeder Control Panel


The simple-to-read monitor is conveniently positioned and allows easy operator control, instant tracing and visual readings of the machine conditions.

Touch Screen Interface


Offers the ability to make-ready the next job while running the current job. Provides a motorized chase turn over on the chase pre-make-ready table for ease of operation.

Suction Feed


Centerline system for quick die change and short set-up time with knuckle system for maximum cutting pressures. Safety door and chase safety chain locking system ensures safe operation. Soft Plate system available. Air floating device for easy cutting plate removal.

Warped Sheet Guide


Triple action stripping with male and female boards plus pin system to provide greater efficiency. Utilizes the centerline system approach to shorten change-over times.

Sheet Separating Blowers


Comes standard with quality assist increasing overall productivity by speeding up make-readies. One-sheet checking device allows a full sheet to be removed from the stripping section without leaving the platform to check the cutting quality. Necessary adjustments to the cutting pressure can then be made rapidly using the Servo motor driven cutting pressure control.

Sheet Joggers


Both high pile and batch delivery are available with an adjustable counter including side and back joggers for accurate stacking. The non-stop delivery area utilizes an MC flat plastic belt conveying system.

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Young Shin Granite 185


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