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Young Shin Industries Ltd. designs, engineers and manufactures a wide range of high-performance, globally-acclaimed flatbed diecutters. Among their recognized advantages is highly-reduced make-ready times and very low cost of ownership. The reliability and durability of the diecutters require minimal parts and service reducing downtime and costly repairs.

Zenith – A premier flatbed diecutter series that incorporate high productivity features including rapid make-readies. The gripper style technology utilized in the Zenith systems run at speeds of 5,000 to 7,500 sheets per hour. Models in the Zenith series incorporate a chase turner, automatic feeder for non-stop production and a non-stop blue top plastic belting system in the delivery.

Meridian – A spike-based diecutter that runs at speeds from 4,000 to 4,500 sheets per hour. The Meridian series also incorporate a chase turner and automatic feeder for non-stop production and have been specifically designed and engineered to masterfully address the requirements of tight registration. With an economical price point without sacrificing speed or quality, the Meridian advances a low cost of ownership with the advantages of a high-production diecutter.

Giant – The Young Shin GIANT premier flatbed diecutter series incorporates both high-quality production and the integration of a fully-configured system for maximum productivity. The GIANT’s precise center line technology provides easy and rapid set up of the die board. Young Shin’s EZ- Feeder is an optional component of the GIANT series. The Giant series is designed for display makers and printers offering a wide variety of sizes up to 2500 x 1700 mm. The Giant models feed stocks from 1.5 ~ 11 mm.

Revotec – The Revotec series has been developed for the folding carton/printing industries with sheet sizes from a 104 format up to a 130 format. These automatic highly-featured flatbed diecutters offer features far superior to other comparable equipment. Revotec models are offered at a cost-effective, economical price with low annual operational expenses and are compatible with Bobst® dies. The units facilitate non-stop feed and delivery with 20% greater weight advantage compared to rival models with a 25% greater impressional tonnage capacity.

Revotec NC(S) – The Young Shin Revotec NC(S) Series allows users to benefit from the wide variety of features offered by the Revotec 1040S Model at a slightly lower price point in that production speeds on both the NC(S) 1040 and NC(S) 1300 are modestly reduced. The units offer a fully-adjustable, non-stop feeding process utilizing a preloader. The knuckle system allows for maximum cutting pressure and is controlled by touch screen.

Quest – The Quest 270 is a die cutter specifically developed to address die cutting short-run digital printing output. The Quest 270 die cutter provides advantages including a wide variety of sheet sizes from 2700 x 1700 mm (max.) to 650 x 450 mm (min.). The Quest efficiently and cost-effectively handles short runs from 10 sheets to 2,500 pieces and is modestly sized. The Quest 270 can result in higher productivity and greater profitability while the Cost of Ownership is astonishingly low.

Granite – The Young Shin Granite 185 is made for diecutting applications within both the folding carton and corrugated industries. This flatbed diecutter features an integrated top-feeding, fully-automatic, non-stop feeder. The Young Shin Granite 185 runs single and double wall board corrugated; runs 5,500 sheets per hour; can accommodate a maximum sheet size of 1850 x 1300 mm; incorporates triple action stripping; and can use Bobst-compatible cutting dies.

Twin Stitcher – The Twin Stitcher – KS-TWS attaches two pieces of corrugated together utilizing the newest technology and stitching. The Twin Stitcher can stitch both up and down simultaneously reducing the time and manpower necessary to complete the job. The unit can handle a significant amount of material at one time maximizing production while the Servo Motor provides precision and speed throughout the stitching process.

Product Lines