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Young Shin SuperFeed

The fully-automatic SuperFeed series of Young Shin pre-feeders is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Zenith and Meridian series of Young Shin’s diecutters as well as standard flatbed diecutters and a variety of digital printers. The SuperFeed can process up to 7,000 sheets per hour and requires minimum production floor space yet expedites the staging and feeding of sheets one-by-one automatically. The SuperFeed integrates an automatic sheet turning system for laminated boards that are inverted or need all sheets inverted. Also incorporated in the unit is an automatic pallet or base sheet discharging system. The SuperFeed’s sophisticated programming and electronics allows the user to save the specifications of the jobs thereby eliminating costly set-up redundancy for repeat customer assignments.

The Young Shin SuperFeed offers benefits to customers who use inverted laminated board or need all sheets inverted; have fully-automatic logistic conveyor systems; process a combination of short- and long-run jobs; seek to reduce costly labor expenses; utilize both pallets and base sheet systems; wish to gainfully eliminate scratches from the finished surfaces; and within those environments where space is a premium.

The Young Shin SuperFeed is available for immediate delivery.

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The Young Shin SuperFeed can be seamlessly integrated into the Zenith 210, 185 and 150 models as well as the Meridian 170 diecutter.  The SuperFeed is also compatible with a wide variety of other flatbed diecutters and digital printers available in the market.  

Zenith 210 SuperFeed
Max Size 2100 x 1600 mm 82.68 x 62.99 in
Min Size 800 x 550 mm 31.50 x 21.65 in
Pile Height 2000 mm 79 in
Machine Speed 5000 SPH 5000 SPH
Required Power 30 Kw 30 Kw

Download PDF Floor Plan
Zenith 185 SuperFeed
Max Size 1850 x 1300 mm 72.83 x 51.18 in
Min Size 600 x 500 mm 23.62 x 19.69 in
Pile Height 2000 mm 79 in
Machine Speed 6000 SPH 6000 SPH
Required Power 30 Kw 30 Kw

Zenith 150 SuperFeed
Max Size 1500 x 1100 mm 59.05 x 43.3 in
Min Size 600 x450 mm 23.6 x 17.7 in
Pile Height 2000 mm 79 in
Machine Speed 7000 SPH 7000 SPH
Required Power 30 Kw 30 Kw

Meridian 170 SuperFeed
Max Size 1700 x 1200 mm 66.92 x 47.24 in
Min Size 600 x 500 mm 23.62 x 19.68 in
Pile Height 2000 mm 79 in
Machine Speed 4500 SPH 4500 SPH
Required Power 30 Kw 30 Kw
Pallets or base sheets are placed onto conveyors and aligned left/right.
Pile goes up automatically via the elevator.
Sheets can be inverted or passed through to be stacked.
Sheets are squared by joggers for alignment.
Sheets are transported into the die cutter or digital press.
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Young Shin SuperFeed