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Client Snapshot

Paper Point – Miami, FL

Young Shin REVOTEC 1040S, REVOTEC 106SR and REVOTEC 145SR Diecutters

Paper Point, the premier source for HVAC Filter Frames in the U.S., has recently added a new REVOTEC 145SR Diecutter to its production headquarters in Miami, Florida to serve the growing requirements of its expanding business. Founded by industry veteran, Rick Hoskins who converted his interest in the HVAC industry into a profitable and successful business, Paper Point has become the premier provider of die-cut filter frames emphasizing quality, consistency and rapid turnaround.

A long-standing client of Best Graphics Group of Waukesha, Wisconsin, a trusted partner of Young Shin USA, Paper Point initially acquired a REVOTEC 1040S Diecutter in 2021 and also added a REVOTEC 106SR into its production environment last year.

Recognizing the benefits of the Young Shin REVOTEC diecutter, Paper Point’s continued growth and expansion plans have included the recent acquisition of a third Young Shin diecutter — the REVOTEC 145SR. The REVOTEC 145SR supports larger format dimensions providing a wider range of output sizes and enhanced production volume due to its multiple outs capability. Through the implementation of this family of dependable, versatile and high-volume diecutters, Paper Point continues to advance its stellar reputation for rapid turnaround and high-quality precision and has earned considerable market share within this competitive industry.

To learn more about Paper Point’s operations and their use of the Young Shin diecutters, kindly visit the firm’s website at

Young Shin REVOTEC 1040S, REVOTEC 106SR and REVOTEC 145SR Diecutters

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