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Client Snapshot

WestRock – Chattanooga, TN

Young Shin Giant 210S

Founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1957 as National Posters, National Print Group (now WestRock) has experienced exceptional growth throughout its longstanding history. The firm began as a 12-employee shop and has expanded to several hundred employees located within five plant operations. The National Print Group division of WestRock serves as a one-stop resource for outdoor advertising and point-of-purchase advertising production catering to a nationwide clientele of well-known ad agencies and corporate clients.

Several years ago, National Posters contacted Young Shin Industries to learn about the opportunities available in that premier product line to streamline and improve overall productivity within its die cutting area. At that time, National Posters was running multiple clamshell die cutters capable of producing 200 large format displays per hour with two operators dedicated to each clamshell die cutter. National Posters supported the operations of and was a part of National Print Group that owned and operated a KBA 205, the world’s largest format printing press producing 2260 mm x 1498 mm formats.

National Posters needed to implement a die cutter that was required to run a variety of substrates down to 10pt and up to 10.92 mm foam. The Young Shin Giant 210S was selected due to its flexibility, speed, ease of operation, low maintenance costs and economical price point. The unit was capable of die cutting substrates up to 2095 x 1537 mm allowing its seamless integration and parlay into the finishing portion of the KBA 205’s printing output. Due to increasing client demand, the Young Shin Giant 210S has been operating on a multiple shift schedule and is in almost continual operation. Over the past three years, National Posters (now WestRock) has incurred less than $2,500 per year on parts and since installation has required only one (1) service call every two (2) years even with the rigorous and continuous operation of the equipment.

Young Shin Giant 210S

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