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PCA (formerly Boise Paper) – Salt Lake City, UT2018-11-16T03:02:00+09:00

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PCA (formerly Boise Paper) – Salt Lake City, UT

Young Shin Meridian 170

Young Shin USA has been serving the needs of Packaging Corporation of America (formerly Boise Paper) in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2007. The firm determined that a new, high-speed automatic flatbed die cutter would further its productivity and advance its capabilities to end-users. The die cutter would be tasked for high-productivity jobs, with an easy-to-use make-ready device that would accommodate overhung litho laminated sheets. In response to that need, Young Shin USA Limited proposed its Meridian 170 die cutter and the many advantages offered by that product prompted its purchase and installation at the plant in 2010.

With continuous operation of the Young Shin Meridian over the past five years, annual replacement part sales have averaged under $9,000. The Meridian’s design and engineering has yielded optimum performance efficiency and continuous operation to meet the needs of Packaging Corporation of America. Beyond normal maintenance that is handled by the local plant personnel, the Meridian has not required a service call in over seven years.

Young Shin Meridian 170

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