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Cartostrip is a hand-held stripping device that effectively removes waste from stacks of die cut sheets. Made exclusively in the United Kingdom, the Cartostrip features a powerful motor that can process folding box board, solid board up to 2000 microns and corrugated material. The Cartostrip’s design incorporates a two-handed operation providing dual valves for added operator safety.

Cartostrip Advantages

  • Easy to Use – Simply designed to yield maximum operator precision in removing waste from die cut sheets
  • Quiet Operation – Very low noise levels during operation
  • Greater Precision – Damage free blanks provide for better gluer operation
  • Safety – Thoughtful design incorporates a two-handed operation with fully-enclosed pneumatics providing additional safe operation
  • Increased Profits – The Cartostrip provides a rapid return on investment and includes a full warranty on the product
  • Quality and Durability – The heavy duty motor to handle all grades of board and hardened parts for a longer life.
  • Cost Effective – A rapid return on investment is realized since stripping time is reduced by up to 85%
Specification Cartostrip
Power Input 750 W
Air Pressure 6.3 bar (90 psi)
Air Consumption 1.98 l/s
Weight 5.2 kg
Noise (next to Cartostrip) 91 dB
Noise (1 m away from Cartostrip) 86 dB
Ambient Noise 34 dB
Minimum Waste Strip Depth Carton Board = 8.5 mmCorrugated = 20 mm
Does the stripper work on all types of carton board? Yes. It will also handle solid and corrugated fiber board.
Will I have to modify my dies? This depends on how much stripping rule is already on the die. A waste strip of no more than 45cm is ideal. The smaller the section, the easier it is to remove.
Will the stripper handle corrugated and laminated board? Yes. Answer above applies. Also on how even a stack comes off the die-cutter. An uneven stack will not provide the support from below to allow the stripper to work efficiently removing the strip above.
Does the stripper work on all types of carton board? Yes. It will also handle solid and corrugated fiber board.
Will the stripper handle large waste sections? Yes. Provided that the cut is good and the nicking is not too heavy, large sections pose no problem.
Can I use the stripper on work coming off a hand platen? This depends on a good even stack. It would be necessary to shutter up against a guide and also the ability to put stripping rule on the job in hand.
How much time will I save using the stripper? A time saving of 85% is achievable against performing the task manually.

“This innovative hand-held tool has made the stripping of die-cut work so much easier for our operators. Thanks to the huge time savings offered by this product, it has easily paid for itself inside of six months. It has made such a difference to the department and paid for itself over and over.” – Neil Jarvis, General Manager – Pollard Boxes

“We had been looking for a way to improve and speed up our hand stripping and the Cartostrip system is exactly what we were after. We now achieve cleanly stripped, undamaged stacks of work in a fraction of the time it used to take by hand. We’ve also greatly improved our waste handling with the Cartoturn. The investment will pay for itself in a few short months.” – Mike Walters, Factory Manager – S.H. Fiske & Co

“After considering the hand held Cartostrip tool for many months, I finally decided to go for it. Reduced man hours and a decreased level of work in progress has left our die-cutting section with space we didn’t know we had, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! A manually intensive task has been made much easier making it popular with our operators, anybody manually stripping now is behind the curve with this technology available.” – Jamie Wicks, Production Manager – The Box Factory

“To be honest I was convinced that this demo would be unsuccessful but how wrong was I. The tool was amazing! Even on double fluting it stripped the pallet in no time! Cartostrip kindly let us have the stripping tool on a trial period & on time trials, it was 50% quicker than manual stripping every time. We were that impressed we decided to purchase 2 of the machines which will pay for their selves in a matter of months. Not only have we reduced labor costs in the stripping area we have also eliminated damages from manual stripping. I would highly recommend Cartostrip. I just wish we have done this sooner!” – John Dighton, Production Manager – STI Line Ltd

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